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MATERIALS: 454 LEGO pieces

DESIGNER'S COMMENTS: A luxury RV manufacturer in Canada asked us to help design kits based on the exterior and interior of one of their best-selling vehicles. Although we have designed many vehicles out of LEGO bricks, it is not so simple to just use the same chassis in each build. Each vehicle requires a unique chassis in order to fit around particular features of the vehicle. In this case, the chassis needed to fit around a low floor and a side door. We used the space underneath the toilet and shower areas for the shock absorbers, thus allowing a low hallway in between the bedroom and the living area. 

Another challenge was figuring out how much of the roof should be removable. In the end, the entire roof is removable, and we locked it in by carefully placed braces underneath the roof.

Sometimes we design the packaging around our client's needs, but in this case our client provided fantastic artwork to use.