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MATERIALS: 225 LEGO pieces

DESIGNER'S COMMENTS: As one of our customer's favorite sets, of course we would release a new version. But what really challenged me this time was the photography.

I really wanted to capture the model in a scene, rather than digitally adding a background in Photoshop. After a few rainy nights outside taking pictures, I couldn't capture what I wanted. Still, the above image doesn't really capture what I want, but it did lead to a new idea - reflections. The reflections on the windscreen come from holding up an iPad on on the right side and an iPhone on the left, both displaying the same image I captured of nighttime traffic in Japan.

WEBSITE PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Our latest Spinner V4 kit features a more accurate design with slick opening doors and a gorgeous interior. It's everything we've learned in our previous Spinner kits - leveled up!

  • By simplifying the Technic® frame, we could open up the interior to fit two spacious seats and a sleek console.
  • Improved connections and techniques make this model easier to build, more durable and more beautiful than it has ever been!
  • Includes a black display stand that easily slides into an attachment on the underside of your Spinner V4 model.

DIMENSIONS: 6.3 x 3.15 x 2.1" (16 x 8 x 5.4cm) (without stand)