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An ICHIBAN Toys version of this set may be available to purchase on our website - check inventory here.


MATERIALS: 355 LEGO pieces + cord

DESIGNER'S COMMENTS: A representative of Junttan in the US, National Rig Rental, asked us to create a model and kits of the Junttan PMx25 Pile Driving Rig. We worked closely with their engineers to design a model that showcased the unique features of this rig as accurately as possible.

Later, Junttan and representatives in North America and Europe were delivered kits with custom branded packaging and stickers. Hundreds of these kits have been sent to many countries around the world. 

This model features a leader that can fold from vertical to horizontal in one smooth action. The counterweight at the back can extend outwards and the jacks lowered. The jacks and leader combined are strong enough to lift the entire rig so that the treads underneath can extend outwards and spin freely on a turntable. A winch at the side controls the height of the hammer, of which can be securely raised and lowered. Two pile arms mounted at the bottom of the leader hold the pile securely.