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An ICHIBAN Toys Pile Driving Rig may be available to purchase on our website - check inventory here.


MATERIALS: 403 LEGO pieces + cord

DESIGNER'S COMMENTS: I always enjoy a challenging build and this definitely lived up to it! I took the expanding treads from my previous Junttan PMx25 Pile Driving Rig but built a whole new mechanism on top to lift up the leader. A locking cord reel mechanism was something I really wanted in this kit, so I came up with a compact mechanism using a worm gear - it was a technique I had seen in other functions but it looked to be the perfect solution as a cord reel.

The most time was spent on the leader attachment for the auger. I wanted this to be as small as possible, but it needed to run smoothly up and down the leader and controlled by the cord reel. Eventually, I figured out a small cage that held the auger, as well as two wheels that were free to roll, creating less friction.

I was very proud of the new developments in this kit, that I then applied them to my own Pile Driving Rig to be available for purchase on our website.