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MATERIALS: 520 LEGO pieces + copper-core wiring + 4 stainless steel washers

DESIGNER'S COMMENTS: This is the sixth version of the DeLorean Time Machine that I have designed. In total, I have designed 3 smaller scale designs and 3 larger scale designs with a working steering/hover mechanism. I felt the mechanism could be improved upon and connected up to a steering wheel at the driver's seat, so I developed a new mechanism from the ground up that was significantly more compact, smoother and did indeed connect to a steering wheel. However one problem I faced was that a small spacer was needed to keep the tire rubbing against some of the pieces. No LEGO piece was the right thickness, so I found a solution in using regular stainless steel washers from a hardware store. 

Once the steering/hover mechanism was completed, the rest of the car was built around it. And then real electrical copper-core wiring was added.