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MATERIALS: 284 LEGO pieces + 1 sticker

DESIGNER'S COMMENTS: We were contacted in 2014 by a sales office to design a kit of a commercial air handling unit (AHU) that they could give away as gifts. After designing this model, sales offices across the Western half of the US requested kits also and we set about making hundreds of these kits, tailored to each market. Each kit was packaged inside its own branded box.

The challenge was not only to design the exterior, but also an interior that accurately reflected the technology behind this particular AHU. But how could we view the interior? An opening roof was necessary. It was the roof that proved to be the biggest challenge because it not only had to open up wide, but also be as inconspicuous as possible once closed. Furthermore, we needed a brace in the middle to support the walls and the coil unit. Our first prototypes worked but the hinge connection was so stiff, that it put too much tension on the piece connections. Eventually a solution was found that was strong and easy to open.

We heard great feedback from our client and their customers. Shortly after, they placed an even larger order with even more sales offices on board.