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MATERIALS: 356 LEGO pieces + 3 stickers + cord

DESIGNER'S COMMENTS: We had just finished designing a Hydraulic Piling Rig for a construction company and were eager to apply the new mechanisms we developed to our own Pile Driving Rig. The extendable treads from our Junttan PMx25 were still top-notch so we kept that going, but we added a new auto-locking cord reel and new leader and hammer design.

The cord is actually dark grey waxed cord used for stitching leather. It happens to look just like braided steel cable and it's super strong. We also made a simple pile that can be secured into the leader attachment. Yes, you can actually hammer the pile into a soft bed of sand!

The tilting cab came more about by accident. I needed to find a way to attach the cab to the rig and the clip pieces would allow an easy way for an upside-down connection. It lined up perfectly with the rig. So with a few tweaks, a pretty convincing and secure tilting cab was made.

This is also the first of our regular kits where I took the model outdoors to be photographed. Usually we add a background in Photoshop but I've been wanting to explore a more realistic look for our models. So these pictures were taken at a local park in Japan.

WEBSITE PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This is our third rig - the first was for Junttan, and just recently a Hydraulic Piling Rig for a construction company. We've learned a lot of new techniques and are proud to combine them into the Bauen Pile Driving Rig!

  • The same reliable extendable treads as our other rigs, mounted with a turntable on top
  • A new auto-locking cord reel that holds the functioning hammer securely in place at whatever height
  • The string is made from a thick dark grey waxed cord usually used for leather craft. But it looks just like steel cable!
  • The included grey pile clips onto the leader attachment via a pin. Go ahead and hammer the pile into your kids' sandpit!
  • The entire leader folds down for easy transport with the leader attachment locking into place
  • The new leader arms allow freedom in precisely placing the pile
  • The driver's cab pivots upwards to give the operator a clear view

DIMENSIONS: 7 x 3.75 x 13.5" (18 x 9.5 x 34.5cm) (Leader up)