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MATERIALS: 189 LEGO pieces + 3 stickers

DESIGNER'S COMMENTS: This was an interesting build because I wasn't basing the model after a single design, but rather a composite of different designs from different manufacturers. The key was to develop a design that looked fantastic in LEGO pieces, but that was unmistakably identifiable. I settled upon the above design because the chassis and the sidewalls were sufficiently strong enough to support the entire model and be roomy enough to house the mechanisms for the cab, airplane wheel holder and shock absorbers.

WEBSITE PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Guide your largest LEGO® piece airplanes around the airport with your new Bauen Airport Supertug! We researched various tugs especially from Komatsu and Goldhofer to develop this strong, sleek and fully functional design.

  • Working mechanism locks the front wheels of an airplane (wheels and strut included in this kit!) and then raises them up using a simple lever!
  • The front cabin can also raise and lower by means of a lever - rear windows allow the driver to look behind when the cabin is raised.
  • All four wheels mounted on simple independent shock absorbers.

DIMENSIONS: 6.75 x 3.15 x 1.85" (17 x 8 x 4.75cm)