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You need something exciting for your customers, clients, or employees. LEGO® toys are massively popular today with both adults and children. Why not have your very own custom LEGO® piece set?

ICHIBAN Toys is uniquely experienced in designing and making custom LEGO® piece sets of your product, logo or building. We have over 10 years of experience and have made over 45,000 sets! We take care of everything including designing, instructions, material sourcing, stickers, packaging and shipping.

Please contact us and see how we can make your project happen. View our portfolio here.

Here are some ways that our clients have used their sets:

  • Tradeshow giveaways
  • Gifts to prospective clients or investors
  • Direct-mail marketing
  • Annual thank you gift to clients
  • Appreciation gift for employees
  • Company store/gift shops

"They are by far our most popular client gift!" - RowdMap


Making a whole new product requires a lot of work. Most companies take a year or longer to create a new product, but we've simplified the process to an affordable and relatively quick service. You will find our all-inclusive prices in the chart below. This is what is included:

  • Skilled model design using a mix of bricks and software
  • Photography of the model for the box and instructions
  • Graphic design work for all printed materials
  • Set-up and material costs of all printed materials
  • Purchase of genuine LEGO® pieces from suppliers worldwide
  • Production labor
  • Shipping costs to anywhere in the world
Piece Count All-Inclusive Price
up to 50 pieces
see examples
$4250 + 25/set
up to 100 pieces
see examples
$5000 + 35/set
up to 150 pieces
see examples
$5750 + 45/set
up to 200 pieces
see examples
$6500 + 55/set
up to 300 pieces
see examples
$8000 + 75/set
up to 400 pieces
see examples
$9500 + 95/set
up to 500 pieces
see examples
$11,000 + 115/set

 For a piece count higher than 500, please contact us for pricing. The prices exclude taxes and/or import duties and customs.


PaymentAt the time of order, we ask for a deposit of $3000 to be paid (the deposit amount will be more for a 500+ piece project). Once the model design is finished and you have approved it for production, we ask for the rest of the project to be paid. This allows us to pay all of our suppliers upfront. You are welcome to pay via check, wire transfer, ACH transfer, or credit/debit card. If your company has certain protocol regarding payments, just let us know and we'll do our best to work with it.

Minifigures. These are priced separately due to their higher cost and complexity. Price starts at $7 per minifigure.

Order Quantity. The pricing is structured so you can choose any quantity you like with the unit cost progressively getting lower. We have no minimum or maximum order quantity but many variables can affect our ability to handle orders larger than 1000 sets. We work hard to adapt the design of the model to help meet your desired order quantity.

Reordering. If there are no changes to the model design and we can still source all of the pieces, the price drops to $2500 + xx/set.

Rush Order. Sometimes, but not always, we can expedite the design and production of your order. If we are able to make your project happen with a faster turnaround time, there will be a rush fee of 25% to cover our additional costs. The price includes express shipping.




The timeframe from Order to Shipping is typically around 4 months.

Order. Via email, we will work out the details regarding your project including estimated piece count, size, pricing, and order quantity. Once you place the order, then we move on to designing the model.

Design. Using our vast inventory of LEGO® pieces and limited use of software, we develop a functioning concept model based on your requirements and wants. We can also incorporate stickers in the design. We will keep in contact via email, sharing pictures of the model, so that you can give us feedback.

Photography. Once the pieces and stickers come in, the final production model can be made and photos taken. If necessary, we make final adjustments and fixes to the model at this point.

Instructions. We photograph each step of the build and use Adobe software to produce the final layout. The booklets are professionally printed. The inventory is checked 3 times for accuracy.

Pieces. The pieces are bagged up in clear reclosable polybags.

Boxes. Custom-branded top-opening boxes are printed, cut and folded. 

Final Assembly. All the sets go through final assembly as we box up the bagged pieces, instruction booklet and any stickers.

Shipping. The sets are packaged up into shipping boxes and away they go to you!




We spend much time crafting the instructions to make the building process as fun and logical as possible. It is our goal that the builder enjoy not just the end result, but the whole process in making it.

Our instructions are made using hundreds of high-quality photographs! We photograph each step in a special no-shadow photo studio and then process it on the computer for optimum clarity. Each step includes a box listing the parts needed and the quantity. Additional text, close-ups or digitally added lines to separate the pieces may be added as needed.

We use a print shop to print the instructions into a high-quality booklet with either a staple or spiral-ring binding. Typically we will make the instructions and send straight to the printer. If you have any special requests and/or would like your logo on the cover of the instruction booklet, please let us know. We will do our best to work with your request and will send you a proof for approval before it is sent to the printer.



We will design a sticker sheet and send to a specialist printer. The benefit of laser-cut is that we can make all sorts of shapes! This makes your model come alive with more details and effective branding! Sticker sheets are included in the price of your set.



We will design the box and email you a proof for approval. If you have any specific requests for the box design, please let us know. In addition to your logo, we would love to use any photos, text and contact details that you would like to see on the box. Before the box design goes to print, we will always seek your feedback and approval.

In line with the expectations of the LEGO® Company, the product must look like an ICHIBAN Toys product. So a noticeable amount of our branding is necessary on the box. Furthermore, product details, disclaimers and other necessary text are needed.

We typically package the sets in “Roll End Front Tuck” boxes, similar to LEGO® Architecture and LEGO® Ideas packaging. They are printed on the HP PageWide C500 Press, which gives the highest resolution we've found from any small-run printer. The varnish used gives a nice satin sheen. Please note there is a tolerance of up to 0.125" so the print may not align perfectly with the cut.



Shipping costs are included in the price. We produce the sets in Oregon, USA.

Around 2-4 weeks before we expect to ship your order, we will email you to verify the shipping address and contact phone number. Once your order is ready for shipment, we'll email you a master tracking number.


USA. Typical transit time within the US is 1-5 business days (FedEx/UPS).*

INTERNATIONAL. Typical transit time is 4-8 business days (FedEx/UPS).*

*The effects of COVID-19 on air cargo may cause delays in transit time. For time-sensitive orders, we may be able to use faster services at an additional cost.


All customs duty, import fees, and taxes will be your responsibility to pay. You may need to pay these charges upon receipt or even before the shipment is released from customs. We are not able to estimate the import fees as the charges vary country to country and you may qualify for a different tax result depending on the end-use of your sets.




We've worked with various small and large clients, including multiple Fortune 50 companies in various industries such as technology, energy, software, construction, architecture, as well as logos and mascots. We've made over 45,000 sets! This experience, as well as our background in marketing and product design, makes us uniquely positioned to make your project happen. The result is excitement among loyal customers and a fantastic return investment. 


Use the form below and we will reply within 2 business days. Please include as much detail as you know. Details such as the product/concept, rough size/scale, and rough quantity give us a good foundation for discussing how we can make your project happen.