You need something exciting for your customers, clients and employees. LEGO® toys are massively popular today so why not commission your very own custom LEGO® piece set?

"They are by far our most popular client gift!" - RowdMap

ICHIBAN Toys is uniquely experienced in designing and making custom LEGO® piece models and sets of your product, logo or building. Small-scale quantities usually range from 50-500, however we can also make a single set or thousands of smaller sets. We take care of everything including designing, instructions, material sourcing, stickers, packaging and shipping.

Please contact us and see how we can make your project happen. View our expanding portfolio here.



We've made pricing as simple and flexible as possible, whether you want a single set or 1000 sets!

Base price + Price per set

The base price covers design work of the model, instructions, stickers and box. It also covers the starting costs of printing, shipping and material acquisition. We give you a 75% discount off the base price if you reorder the same set with no changes.

The price per set covers the cost of the LEGO pieces, printed materials and labor. 

Your price includes the following:

  • All design work
  • Brand-new genuine LEGO® pieces
  • Step-by-step printed instruction booklet
  • Laser-cut sticker sheet
  • Printed box packaging
  • US shipping to 1 location*

Our product is designed and made in Oregon, USA. Therefore, we do not charge any sales tax.

*International deliveries will be charged shipping. Price excludes customs/taxes.


LEGO Piece Count Base Price Price per Set
up to 50 pieces $2250
$19 each
up to 100 pieces $2500
$29 each
up to 150 pieces $2750 $39 each
up to 200 pieces $3000
$49 each
up to 300 pieces $3500 $69 each
up to 400 pieces $4000
$89 each
For a piece count higher than 400, please contact us for pricing.



The timeframe from Order to Shipping typically ranges between 3-5 months.

Order. Via email, we will work out the details regarding your project including estimated piece count, size, pricing, and order quantity. Once you place the order, then we move on to designing the model.

Design. Using our vast inventory of LEGO® pieces, we develop a functioning concept model based on your requirements and wants. We can also incorporate stickers in the design. We will keep in contact via email, sharing pictures of the model, so that you can give us feedback.

Photography. Once the pieces and stickers come in, the final production model can be made and photos taken. If necessary, we make final adjustments and fixes to the model at this point.

Instructions. We photograph each step of the build and use Adobe software to produce the final layout. The booklets are professionally printed. The inventory is checked 3 times for accuracy.

Pieces. The pieces are bagged up in clear reclosable or heat-sealed polybags.

Boxes. Custom-branded top-opening boxes are printed, cut and folded. 

Final Assembly. All the sets go through final assembly as we box up the bagged pieces, instruction booklet and any stickers. 

Shipping. The sets are packaged up into shipping boxes and away they go to you! We use FedEx services.



Why are these more expensive than a regular LEGO® set from the store? Because of the nature of our services, ICHIBAN Toys does not receive wholesale pricing on the pieces. So we have to buy LEGO® sets from the store at consumer prices, open them up, sort the pieces, inventory them, and store them. As you can imagine, it takes a lot of time and money.

Do you offer rush services? We do not. We have maintained a completely filled schedule for years and it's not possible to fit in a whole project whilst maintaining our estimated delivery dates with current projects. The absolute minimum amount of time we need to complete a new project is 3 months.

What is your minimum order? 1 set. Our pricing was carefully crafted to allow an order of 1 set or 1000 sets. As you increase the quantity, your unit cost will decrease.

Can I reorder the same design in the future? Yes and no. If the design stays the same, and we can source all of the pieces, then it is no problem and we can even give you the reorder discount as quoted above. However, LEGO® pieces constantly go in and out of production. So if we cannot find enough of one or more of the needed pieces for the sets, then we will need to adjust the design of the model and redo the instructions. So in this case, although uncommon, the regular price would apply.

Can I add our company logo to the box? Absolutely. We can also incorporate any of your photos, text, contact details, and social media into the box design. Just let us know what you would like to see!

How do I send payment? We accept payment via check, bank transfer, or credit card. For credit card payments, we will direct you to a special page on this website so that you can securely process your payment through our online checkout. Your order will typically be split into 2 payments - the base price when you place the order, followed by the price per set once you've approved the model design and before we enter production.




We've worked with various small and large clients, including multiple Fortune 50 companies. The result is the same - excitement among loyal customers and a fantastic return investment. Here are some examples of how custom LEGO® piece sets as part of your marketing strategy can bring you success.

• Junttan and their US representative, National Rig Rental, with a Pile Driving Rig. This involved designing a functional model with feedback from their engineers that showcased all of the unique features of the real machine. Then we produced hundreds of kits tailored to each international market.

• A Fortune 50 company gave out sets for invitees to build at a special dinner reception.

• We made 2500 "M" Logo kits for a university. They wanted a 3D kit of their 2D logo that they could give to all freshman students.

• 150 sets of a Software Company's Logo that they could give to their summer interns. The following year, they ordered more sets for their new interns.

• Over 1000 kits for an HVAC sales agency. They had incredible feedback from customers and sales representatives about their unique and fun air handing unit custom LEGO element kits. We've since gone on to produce many different air handling units for various distributors and manufacturers.

• Thousands of kits for BOXX Technologies, who produce powerful workstation and rendering systems. They successfully draw more business by giving away custom LEGO brick workstation kits at tradeshows.

• A private school in New York City where we designed and produced 200 kits of their St Bernard mascot for a fundraising event. We've worked with multiple private schools to provide sets for their fundraising events.

• A software company even developed their own game in collaboration with our sets - see the results in their blog post!



Use the form below and we will reply within 2 business days. Please include as much detail as you know. Details such as the product/concept, rough size/scale, and rough quantity give us a good foundation for discussing how we can make your project happen.