View some of the techniques we discover and learn in building with LEGO pieces. Each new tip is published on our blog.


Differential Improve your drivetrain with a differential to make your vehicle easier to turn.

Function Switch Using Gears (2 Functions) Easily switch between 2 separate functions using the power from only one motor.

Function Switch Using Gears (4 Functions) Easily switch between 4 separate functions using the power from only one motor.

Internal Combustion Engine All you need are the same few pieces to make a fake V6, V8, Inline, Flat and Radial engines!

Layering How do you combine multiple, separate Technic functions in the same area? Here's one way.

Manual Outrigger Stabilizers Use this effective way to manually lower and raise outrigger stabilizers by using a worm gear.

Motorized Extendable Outriggers Make a very simple module to extend vehicle outriggers by means of a motor.

Multiple Axle Differentials Connect two differentials together, then to an engine. Plus they are mounted on shock absorbers! 

Multiple Axle Steering See how you can tighten up a turning radius by having multiple axles steer at different angles at the same time!

Steer Axle Suspension Mount your steering system on shocks!

Steering with No Gears Here's an alternative mechanism to the regular rack-and-pinion steering.

Tipper Mechanism Using a Linear Actuator Use the power of a motor and a linear actuator to easily raise and lower a heavy tipper bed.