For 2016, we have been back and forth between Kyoto, Japan and Portland, Oregon, working on various projects. The Minamiza Theatre in Kyoto is one of the most famous in all of Japan and hosts traditional kabuki plays. If you've ever visited Kyoto, there's a good chance you've seen this building.

Turn the model around to see the seating area of the theatre, complete with the two balconies, textured wall, patterned ceiling and lights. This is our special kit from life and work in Kyoto, Japan.

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SKU: 1071-A
PIECES: 274 LEGO® Pieces
DIMENSIONS: 3.15 x 2.75 x 4.3" (8 x 7 x 11cm)
SKILL LEVEL: 2 (on a 1-5 difficulty scale)