Buffalo Airways DC-3 (2018)


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What an awesome project this was! We were commissioned by Buffalo Airways (featured on the show "Ice Pilots") to produce DC-3 sets for a Kickstarter campaign. We went through many steps to make all of this work, but it was a huge success. The Kickstarter campaign was fully funded in a matter of 3 days.

This DC-3 model featured a special landing gear function that was constantly worked on until after the Kickstarter campaign had been completed. Ultimately, we made a working landing gear where both wheels are simultaneously lowered by the means of turning one knob. Once lowered, they are not only strong enough to support the weight of the airplane, but to support a heavy landing!

With a wingspan of over 18 inches and a 729 piece count, this was the largest model we made in 2018.

Commissioned Set
729 LEGO® Pieces