Boom XB-1 (2020)


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Supersonic jet? How can we not be excited to create this LEGO® piece set of the much anticipated XB-1 by Boom Supersonic! We quietly developed the model based on their 3D model file and renders so that they could hand out the completed product to individuals at their big reveal on October 7, 2020. But even before their reveal, the model was so well loved that a second order was placed.

Two challenging aspects of creating this model was (1) designing a strong landing gear that could not only support the weight of the plane, but allow the inevitable rough landings as people play with it, and (2) balancing the weight so that the model doesn't tip backwards. It took many concepts, but we finally accomplished it and we could not be prouder of the end result.

We hope to one day ride their jets and fly faster than the speed of sound!

Commissioned Set
277 LEGO® Pieces