2 New Sets + 2 Sets Back in Stock

2 New Sets + 2 Sets Back in Stock

Shiny! and Spirit of St Louis sets are now shipping. Orca V2 and Police Spinner V4 are back-in-stock.

We've been super busy over the past few months working on various projects for clients and moving production and shipping back to the US. Our 2 years of business in Japan has taught us a lot.

The Police Spinner V4, Shiny!, Spirit of St Louis and Orca V2 sets now feature beautiful glossy instruction booklets. They cost a lot more than before but we're sure you'll agree these are way better than anything we've done previously. These 4 sets also feature printed boxes!

Order your own copy today and get free 3-day shipping to anywhere in the US!

Shiny! - ichibantoys.com/shiny

Spirit of St Louis - ichibantoys.com/spirit-of-st-louis

Orca V2 - ichibantoys.com/orca-v2

Police Spinner V4 - ichibantoys.com/police-spinner-v4