Bauen Pile Driving Rig (2016)


This item is no longer available

This is our third rig - the first was for Junttan, and just recently a Hydraulic Piling Rig for a construction company. We've learned a lot of new techniques and are proud to combine them into the Bauen Pile Driving Rig!

  • The same reliable extendable treads as our other rigs, mounted with a turntable on top
  • A new auto-locking cord reel that holds the functioning hammer securely in place at whatever height
  • The string is made from a thick dark grey waxed cord usually used for leather craft. But it looks just like steel cable!
  • The included grey pile clips onto the leader attachment via a pin. Go ahead and hammer the pile into your kids' sandpit!
  • The entire leader folds down for easy transport with the leader attachment locking into place
  • The new leader arms allow freedom in precisely placing the pile
  • The driver's cab pivots upwards to give the operator a clear view
356 LEGO® Pieces + 3 Stickers + Cord
7 x 3.75 x 13.5" (18 x 9.5 x 34.5cm) (Leader up)