ICHIBAN Toys is uniquely experienced in designing and making custom LEGO piece models and sets of your product, logo or building. Small-scale quantities usually range from 50-500, however we can also make a single set (e.g. team-building exercise) or thousands of smaller sets (e.g. tradeshows). We take care of everything including designing, instructions, material sourcing, stickers, packaging and shipping.

"They are by far our most popular client gift!" - RowdMap




I have a background in marketing and product design, but like many I have loved playing with LEGO pieces since I can remember. I established ICHIBAN Toys in 2008, selling individual LEGO pieces and making my own toys on the side. Then my custom sets became very popular and I now had a company to run!

Over time, I have incorporated my knowledge in marketing (and learned a lot more!) into our promotional products, designing and making custom sets for companies. But still the best part of my job is to build something that others can enjoy building, too. So please let me know what I can design for you!